Spotted in the Evening Standard, an article on how Londoners are increasingly turning to milkmen in order to reduce the amount of plastic they are buying.

Luckily in this neighbourhood, we have the ever-reliable Steve and Tony of Palace Dairies. They also supply soy and almond milk, and deliver to the following streets:

Alexandra Park Road, Rhodes Avenue, Grosvenor Road, Windermere Road,  Thirlmere Road, Grasmere Road, Cecil Road, Cranbourne Road,  Curzon Road,  Rosebery Road, Dukes Avenue, Methuen Park,  Donovan Avenue. Muswell Road,  Muswell Avenue, Elms Avenue, Wellfield Avenue,   Coniston Road, Elgin Road,  Vallance Road, Victoria Road and Woodberry Crescent.

Woodfield Way,   Passmore Gardens,  Blake Road, Torrington Gardens,  Churston Gardens, Winton Avenue,  Bidwell Gardens, Wroxham Gardens. Albert road, Harcourt Road, Palace Gates Road,  Outram Road, Clyde Road  and Princes Avenue. The Avenue, Lansdowne Road and Grove Avenue.

Delivery days will either be Monday Wednesday and Friday or Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Contact Steve on 07947 586115 (mob)

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  • + Crescent Rd

    • Good to know - thanks Grant.

    • Definitely. Thanks to Steve and Tony I reckon I'm disposing of at least 100 fewer plastic bottles every year!

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