Dear Neighbours,

As you may be aware, there will be a public consultation starting soon regarding the future of Muswell Hill Library. One option to be considered by the council will be an extension using the plot of land at the back (which Haringey Council already own and had promised an extension many years ago). I am sure many of you will agree that this is long overdue.

The committee of the Friends of Muswell Hill Library have backed my suggestion to organise a petition in favour of such an extension, and we are asking if other local community organisations would publicise the petition which we have now created.

Please would you sign this petition and pass on the link to friends, family and other local organisations. If we can achieve over 500 signatures, there is a very good chance that the Council will go ahead.

George Danker
Friends of Muswell Hill Library

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  • @Martina

    The consultation has not yet started. Part of the reason for this is that I have been attempting to negotiate with the council to change the format.

    Currently the council believes that the only two viable options are leaving the existing library building alone - with no prospect of any improvements - or selling it off and moving the library to an entirely unsatisfactory site (the Ground Floor of the new luxury flats development which used to be the Green Man pub).

    When the consultation does go ahead, it is likely that the Friends of Muswell Hill Library will be running a very public campaign, so you will not be short of opportunities to contribute.

    Thank you for your support
    George Danker
    Friends of Muswell Hill Library


    • Many thanks for the update George. Good luck with the negotiations and please let us know how we can get involved in due course.

  • I'm interested to know whether this consultation has happened or, if not, when it will happen. I have searched the Haringey Council website to no avail.

  • Thank you Rachael. When I wrote the original post above, I had assumed that the extension option would be a part of the public consultation.

    We have now been informed that it will not.

    Clearly this is very disappointing, and I would urge everyone to sign the petition to show our strength of feeling.


  • If you received the email from Cllr David Beacham, Lib Dem (or the article in the Ham & High) you may have seen that Haringey Council has undertaken a feasibility report which recommends moving the library to an alternative site.  I have now read the feasibility report and it claims that remaining in the current building/extending to the rear is an issue for pedestrian/disabled access, they would have to apply for consent as it is a grade 2 listed building and the three options identified in the feasibility report 'exceed' the indicative budget.  I have read on a FB group that they are looking to move the library to the Green Man site which by implication means they would sell off the historic listed library building.  Hopefully everyone will get behind the Friends of Muswell Hill Library campaign to ensure the best outcome for the people that the library serves which in my view includes the preservation of that building for public use and not to be sold off.  I'm sure George Danker will clarify any aspect of this which I may have missed or relayed incorrectly! 

  • I agree that the Library is much too small for the area it is supposed to cover, and the services it should be providing.  The children's and toy library are large enough and provide a wonderful space for young children to read and play in - but as you say, the space to fold up buggies and park them is inadequate, and the narrow stairs are awkward with babies and toddlers. btw If I had lived where I do now when my daughter was small, I would have used Alexandra Park children's library, but in those days Muswell Hill Library was much more convenient!

  • I've signed and tweeted. Good luck with the campaign - I hope you get lots of signatures.

This reply was deleted.


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