New dry cleaners will be opening soon in the shop that used to be the Design Room in Crescent Road. Dave in Crescent Hardware told me that the owners are unconnected with the owners of the late-lamented Palace Gates dry cleaners. They will apparently do service washes here, but all the dry cleaning will be done at another site - perhaps the ?Rose dry cleaners on Muswell Hill Broadway, which they also own.

btw Dave is expecting to have the planning application to develop his premises heard, at long last, in April. Meanwhile he is in limbo because it is not worth making his usual purchase of spring and summer plants to keep in his yard while its future is unknown.

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  • Update

    i had my quilt rewashed by a little launderette near Wood Green station on Lordship Lane.

    it cost £14 instead of the £25 I paid at Alexandra and was unbelievably clean, I actually had to check the label that it was the same quilt, and smelled divine.

  • I get my shirts laundered and ironed from there. They seem to do a good job. I've found them quite helpful and it's good to have a dry cleaner back

  • I’m sad to say I had a horrible experience at this Dry Cleaners today. I had taken my winter quilt to be washed earlier in the summer and although they charged me £25 which seemed excessive I wanted to support a local business.

    i kept it in its plastic wrap until today when I opened it to use and it STINKS. Seems it was packed away damp.

    i popped back today to point out the problem and ask them to rewash it and the guy was really unpleasant. Rude, dismissive and refused to help unless I paid another £25. A really disappointing unpleasant and expensive experience all round :(

    • Sorry to hear it, Julia, and thanks for letting us know!  Has anyone else had similar experiences?  If so, we could perhaps collect them together and ask the people running the Dry Cleaners to change their ways. It would help if they know that neighbours are in communication about this.

      Many of us want to support local shops, but that doesn't mean we simply put up with bad treatment!


    • £45 to clean kingsize duvet - ouch!

    • It would be useful to hear of positive experiences with this dry cleaners, to compare with Julia's.


    • I'm sorry to also post a negative experience. Took the cover and 2 cushion covers from a small sofabed for cleaning (i.e. 2 small and one bigger item) plus a very small repair to the main cover. Naively didn't check the cost in advance. On collection was asked to pay £39. Queried it and asked the cost of cleaning a 2-piece men's suit (more complex than a cushion cover?) – £12. Proposed to pay £20 for cleaning and small repair, eventually (after the person in the shop checked with the manager) was forced to pay £25. Feel that this business is overcharging. Will not use again or recommend.

    • I had 2 wool cushion covers and a wool blanket cleaned there a few months ago.  I think I phoned to check the price first cause I was expecting it to be pricey being wool...  I remember thinking it wasn't cheap but not extortionate either.  Everything was cleaned fine though I think I did have to push to get it done in the (short) time frame I wanted.

      I have noticed the dry cleaners in Wood Green near the tube has a new shop front, might be worth a try?

  • I'm pleased to have a dry cleaners back in the neighbourhood, and have missed our old Palace Gates cleaners on numerous occasions over the last year or so.

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