It has proven difficult for me to get a good pair of vari-focal spectacles that don't cause me eye-strain, perhaps due to my astigmatism and possibly my sensitivity. I have tried different opticians over the years.

Does anyone know of an optician that uses modern technology to get the prescription and other measurements correct?

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  • I was very impressed by the staff and equipment at Opera Opera (corner of Percy Street and Tottenham Court Road).  A bonus is that all their frames are made in the UK and can be made to measure if necessary. 

  • Kerk Davies 12, Priory Road. N8  Phone020 8341 4545  Have been going to Kerk for about 30 years and had vari-focals from...

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  • Hello Chris, I recommend Dr CH Lim in Crouch End. He is very experienced and really good at dealing with more complex cases, though I have no idea about how modern his technology is. He's at Topsfield Parade, 16 Tottenham Lane, London N8 8PR tel 020 8348 8615.

    • Thank you. This is most helpful.


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