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PWA wrote a long letter to Joe Ejiofor, Council Leader, in September. Although he promised a response the following week, we're still waiting, and have now posted an Open Letter on HarringayonLine.

You can read it here:

We've had a great response to our petition to LBH Cabinet to follow the Regulatory Committee's recommendation and to remove the Pinkham Way site from the draft North London Waste Plan. Many thanks to all who've supported it

If you haven't signed yet, or have thought of someone you can send it to, here's the link:

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  • It's extraordinary that the Council persists in flogging this dead horse, even after a change of leadership!

    • Annabel

      A total mystery. When the Lab candidates came round Bounds Green in February, they were aghast to find out what had gone on over such a long period.

      'We must change the way we do local politics' was the reaction.

      It's splendid that the RegComm members listened to evidence, really questioned LBH officers, and came ot the conclusion they did. Exactly what that committee was set up to do, to spend some time listening and examining. We continue to be immensely grateful to them, and continue to update them on events.

      But we're finding that once more there seems to be an attempt to close down independence, just as Claire Kober and her cronies did. 

      We've just sent a long letter into the LBH Monitoring Officer detailing, among other things, misleading statements made to members in written reports and spoken responses at the RegComm meeting.

      The Council has followed the same pattern since 2009 of concealing or misrepresenting material information about this site and the issues surrounding it.

      It's worth writing to Catherine West about this. I sent her a link to the HoL letter, and she's pushing LBH for clarification.





  •  Such a good and clear letter Stephen. And I'm pleased there is still time to sign and share the petition.

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