Please object to this planning application for an antennae on Dagmar Road:

This is a very similar application to the one recently refused for a mast on Albert Rec, related post here:

This would quite clearly be an eyesore and would block the pavement, apart from all the other reasons to object. The points made in the decision notice for a Albert Rec refusal are all relevant to this one:

"The proposed development, by reason of its siting, appearance, size, scale and prominent location, would be visually intrusive, out of keeping with the character of the existing street scene and would have an adverse effect on the appearance of the locality. The proposal if allowed would impede pedestrian movement along this stretch of Durnsford Road. The proposal would be contrary to emerging Policy DM1 of the Development Management, Development Plan Document (pre-submission version Jan 2016), Saved Policy SP11 of the Haringey Local Plan (2012) and as such prior approval is required and refused"


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  • The decision to approve this application is disappointing to say the least. All the reasons I stated to object above still stand and are not fully addressed in the decision notice, not least that the resultant restriction on footway width appears to be in contravention of the Equality Act. I'm minded to ask why what is unacceptable in one part of this ward is acceptable elsewhere.

    • You should do that, and share the answer.

  • Grant do you know when the deadline for comments is? Compared to the Albert Road application, I note that very few people have responded to this one.

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