Some people have expressed concern that the extensive works planned for Ally Pally station will omit a pedestrian bridge for people just wanting to cross the railway. I have located the planning application (HGY/2023/0881), and am not sure that this is actually the case. There is a letter from Network Rail which gives an overview of the works (the many detailed plans also included are really unintelligible to non-specialists!):

Ally Pally Part 18 England.pdf

The planning application was submitted in March, and deadline for comments was unfortunately 24 July.

What do others think about this?


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    • Hi Kirstie, have you seen Cllr Alessandra Rossetti's response, further down this thread.


    • Yes I saw that response from Councillor Rossetti . It seems we need more questions to be asked on behalf of residents . Hopefully we will be informed if the consultation is reopened so we can respond to the proposals for the footbridge and Bedford Road access.



    • Yes indeed


  • Just read about this.  We live 10-15 minutes walk from the station on the Bedford Road side and use it often.  This is appalling, will add hugely to many people's journeys.  Not to mention its effect on people flows at the many Palace events.  How come this has not been publicised at the station itself?  How can this be allowed?  And for what, many other stations on the line have no lifts.  Who is proposing this?   Is it a cheap way of doing it or just stupidity?  

  • If you look at the documents in the planning application, the only indication I can see of a proposed general arrangement shows that the existing public footbridge will be removed so that the motor system for the lifts can be put on that (north) side of the station bridge between the platforms. The diagrams are in documents numbered:  167190-NRD-ECM1-AAP-DRG-ECV-200018 (1), & 167190-NRD-ECM1-AAP-DRG-ECV-200019 (1).  A detail is below.12188316052?profile=RESIZE_930x

    • Dear Alex, thank you for finding this out!! Incredible, only a couple of weeks ago the Network Rail team I have been in contact since last winter was telling me that there was no progress and all planning was postponed to next Autumn, so they suggested to resume the community event planning I mentioned in other posts after the Summer. Seems the left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing !! I have contacted the Planning Team and asked them to reopen the time to comment and take into account that half of the site is in Alexandra Park ward (the application is listed as Bounds Green so only BG councillors would have been informed) and residents, including me, use the station daily to commute. 

    • Curious that only Bounds Green ward councillors have been informed - it's people in AP Ward who would be primarily affected!


    • This worries me quite a bit. Really unfortunate that Alexandra Park councillors were not informed.


    • Thank you very much for this, Alessandra - it's really important that the consultation is re-opened!

      At one time there was an idea that there would be another entrance to the station from the lay-by, to accommodate the massive crowds going to and from the Palace. Instead, they're proposing no entrance at all from Bedford Road!

      Perhaps they're putting pressure on the Council to take responsibility for the pedestrian bridge for those who are not using the station - but it requires collaboration, not opting out!


    • OMG you're right! The letter from Network Rail (link above) is seriously misleading - the only footbridge will be connecting the platforms, with no exit to Bedford Road, either for train passengers or those who just want to cross the railway without catching a train.

      The person who has drawn up these plans is clearly not aware of the size of the crowds that come to gigs at Alexandra Palace. Or the crowds of schoolchildren who come over the footbridge to go up to Alexandra Park/Palace. All these, and ordinary users of the footbridge, will have to use the narrow pavements over the road bridge to get across the railway.

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