Another planning application has been submitted to build on the ‘Yard’ adjacent to Crescent Road Hardware store in Crescent Road. The plan is to build a flat with a ‘commercial unit’ on the ground floor. Full details of the issues involved can be seen here on the PGRA website

Dave who runs the hardware store is a stalwart of our community and there is every chance that if planning is approved we will lose a trusted and well used local business as there will be insufficient space for him to operate.

If you wish to comment or object to the development there is a link from the above site, or go directly to and search for the application HGY/2018/3155

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  • Dear All,

    Just wanted to give you an update (although it's a bit of a non-update).

    1) I am still waiting news on my request for a call-in to the planning sub-committee

    2) no decision has yet been made on the planning application.

    Once I hear something I will share - but I at least wanted to update the page in the meantime.

    Best wishes



      Thanks for this, Nick.

  • 194 objections lodged. Do you think there's any possibility that the council will extend the consultation period?

    • I think it is unlikely; given the fact that there have been so many objections, I think it should be a pretty clear case for immediate rejection or referral to the planning committee. 

      Let's see what we hear, I am still waiting to hear re: call-in. 

  • Excellent to see such engagement on this. 

    I've also logged an objection, and have submitted a call-in request to ensure that the planning application is taken to a Planning Commitee meeting, rather than through delegated agreement. 
    Once a date is confirmed for the planning committee, I will be asking to speak against the development. Once I know a date, I will also share with this group.

    Best wishes



    • Thank you Nick - I'm relieved to hear this application will go to a Planning Committee meeting.


    • I’m waiting on confirmation and will hopefully get an update ASAP. Once we know, I’ll post the date for planning committee and then share so lots of residents can come along. 

    • Great, thanks, Nick!


  • 111 objections registered so far. Just 3 more days to have your say.

  • I remember some years ago waiting at the local hairdresser's while an old lady was having her hair done, and Dave Chu came in with some tap washers (or similar) for her, saying

    "Here you are, Joan, that's [however much it was] - you can give the money to Mark" (the hairdresser). And he told Mark that the wood for his bookshelves had arrived. I thought - how amazing - what an incredible service!

This reply was deleted.


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