• Susie

    I'll take them for the Young Gardeners Club in they are still going....

    Clare Winstanley

    • Still some available Clare if you need them, including a couple of those pot trays you get at garden centres.In the usual place as before.


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    • Yes they are still going and are all yours.


  • Here are the next lot of plant pots free for anyone who wants them.

  • Following a recent gardening frenzy I have MORE pots to give away.

  • Thanks to Susie for these pots. They will be used by the Young Gardeners Club at the Golf Course Allotments. It's a club for the children of existing plot-holders and has been going for seven years now. Ages range from 4 -12. We all learn by doing. Starting with seed sowing, potting on, planting out, nurturing and, of course, the best bit - harvesting. We welcome any donations of pots, tools, spare compost etc.

    • I'm so pleased they will be of use. The Young Gardeners Club sounds wonderful. I may have another batch soon and will post on APN when they are available. 

  • Hi Susie,

    These would be useful for the Young Gardeners Club at the Golf Course Allotments. I can collect between 6 -7 this evening (Saturday 28th). Clare Winstanley Victoria Road. Thanks

    • Clare that’s great. I’ll message you my address.



  • Hi Susie, apparently the community garden in Queen's Woods (behind the cafe) are on the look out for plant pots. I expect they would appreciate them if you are able to take them down there.

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