In case you haven't had a flyer through the door about this:

There is a new planning proposal to "redevelop the existing buildings and erect four new high quality residential blocks comprising 35 residential units, ranging from one to four storeys" in Crescent Mews (off Crescent Road, next to Sweet Tree Bakery). One, two and three-bedroom units  are proposed, with cycle parking but no mention of car parking. To include both private and social housing (doesn't say what proportion of the latter). Developers are said to be HWDW, with email (tel. 3004 8412).

"You are invited to view the emerging proposals on 5th July from 4-8pm at St. Paul's Catholic Primary School, Bradley Road, N22 7SZ."

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  • Hi All,

    just wanted to share my comments following today’s pre-planning application meeting on the Council. It’s actually raised more concerns for me than allievated them.

    firstly, they said that people who attended the public consultation were broadly in favour of the plans - which is not the case, and the questionaire wording they provided gave them really any answer that they wanted.

    secondly, whilst they’ve reduced the number of units from 35 to 30, they’ve replaced them with 4 bedroom properties, which were not listed before and would take the habitable rooms up to 86 (from 75, I think was my initial calculation)

    thirdly, they called the alleyway at the back, continually “a lane”, and that you could access it from one side to the other

    fourthly, they haven’t decided on affordable or social homes, and that maybe, or maybe not It might have some of one or the other.

    Fifthly, that the Development would make the ‘whole area’ nicer, as it’s run down.


    needless to say, I’m asking for updates plans (based on their amendments from tonight) and I’ll keep you updated.

    any other feedback would be great and Josh, Alessandra and I will be collecting feedback soon.


    best wishes




    (apologies for spelling errors, I wanted to get this notification up as soon as possible)

  • Hi All,

    I've had a look at the initial plans, which were shared with the Council. There are a number of concerns which need to be addressed.

    The developers have put in a pre-planning application notice to Haringey Council - which will be discussed at the planning meeting on 9th July - which I will be attending. 

    I will also be going to the public consultation this Thurday to see further information about the plan. Do let me know if you are able to come along to the meeting, alternatively, if you are unable to attend, I would be happy if you would like to send me your thoughts via email:

    Best wishes


    Cllr Nick da Costa

    • Several local residents visited the public consultation event for a proposed planning application for 1-6 Crescent Mews (on the site of the old Gee and Garnham emissions control industrial unit, and some land around it*), run by the developers HWDW. They learned that the developers plan to build 4 residential blocks from 1 to 4 storeys high, consisting of 1, 2  and 3-bedroom units, with a first batch of 35 units (notably just under the threshold of 40 below which there is no requirement to provide social housing). I am told by one neighbour that their smallest unit of 50 sqm is apparently considered reasonable for a 1-bedroom flat.

      Some residents living very close to the site were variously concerned (1) that only 4 parking spaces are allowed for, putting extra pressure on the already excessive demand for parking spaces; (2) about drainage, which is already very unsatisfactory; (3) that the foundations that such a site will need to support such a development would further undermine the existing fragile utilities structure, with currently frequent gas leaks; (4) that rubbish disposal has not been dealt with satisfactorily (sorry, I don’t have details).

      These objections are not necessarily to development on this site per se. Some local residents would welcome sustainable development, if it were affordable.

      If anyone has further comments to make about this proposed planning application - do reply to this post, or add a new one!

      *Accessed from lane next to Sweet Tree Bakery

    • Thanks for that; I also visited the consultation yesterday and have an even longer list of questions which are still outstanding. According to the developers, they were still planning to make changes, including potential of turning on of the three/four story blocks into "townhouses" to reduce the density (habitable rooms per hectar) of the development. 

      The plans are being presented (pre-application) to the planning committee at the Council (Civic Centre) on Monday evening - I am planning to be there - before a formal application 'towards the end of the summer'. 

      If anyone has any questions or if my colleagues and I can help at all - please do let us know. 

      Best wishes


    • Great, thanks.


    • Many thanks for this, Nick. I will be going to the public consultation this Thurs. - not sure about planning meeting.

      I had no idea that they had made so many planning applications!


  • I can't make Thursday afternoon to see the proposals. I'm assuming this isn't yet a formal planning application that has been lodged with the council?


    • Yes, they say it is a 'proposed planning application', and an 'emerging proposal'.


  • I see this is the same company as put in an application before - Pini Herskovic, director of HWDW since June 2016. That application was withdrawn, I believe.

    • There were three attempted applications - two were withdrawn and one was declined after a large number of objections were put in by local residents. 

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