The Liberal Democrat Councillors have arranged a public meeting with the police next Tuesday 5th at the Royal British Legion in muswell hill. 7pm. Muswell hill road. N10 3NG. Please do come along to discuss the latest rise in moped crime etc. Please RSVP you are not able to come along, you can fill our survey on online.Best wishes,Cllr Viv RossLiberal Demcrat Fortis Green Ward

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  • Hello Viv - any news on how the meeting went?

    • Hi Susie,

      Police Inspector Kevin Blenkinsopp gave a clear commitment to having two dedicated Police Officers for each ward in the borough who will not be pulled off for other duties, unless there are exceptional circumstances, and will be overseen by a Police Sergeant.

      There is a drive to kit out all these Officers with tablets, so they can remain on the beat for longer, without having to return to a Police centre to fill out forms. The Police are currently thinking about where to have a base in each ward and will be looking to have a dedicated space within another blue light service such as Fire stations or Health Centres.

      In relation to moped crime we had an excellent speaker Detective Inspector Fred Mirza, who brings an enormous amount of experience from his previous wok at New Scotland Yard and the Flying Squad. We were given a fascinating insight into how this current wave of moped crime is tied into organised crime and how using techniques from the serious crime unit can be adapted to fight this current type of crime.

      The new techniques involve remote controlled stingers which can be placed in front of bikes and deployed just prior to the stolen bikes going over them. These sharp points allow a gradual deflation of the tyres so bringing the bike to a halt more safely and allowing the waiting Police to make the arrest.

      There are also now highly specialised Police motorbikes which can be deployed to give chase particularly in areas of high traffic and these Police Officers are highly trained to give chase in densely populated areas.

      The advice given was that if you have been a victim, or witness, any moped related crime then to get to a safe place such as a shop and call 999. Any description such as the colour of the helmets or any partial number plate is also very useful.

      We will be looking to ask these Police Officers back once the changes to the counters are bedded in and for an update on the effectiveness of deterring and catching those running this moped based

    • Viv thank you for such a clear and detailed account of the evening. It is good to get a real sense of how the police are tackling crime, including the growing levels of moped crime in our area.

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