At least 2 women have been followed and harassed on Victoria Road, N22 over the last few days by a man wearing a hoodie and peaked cap. The incidents happened between 10pm and midnight. Both of the women were approached and one was assaulted. Stay alert - especially at night.

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  • Is there any more news about this guy? I have curbed my evenings out because of this and feel angry that I have to do so because of some pervy guy on the loose. Thanks!

  • Be very careful. I was walking home on Friday evening from harcourt road to princes avenue when a man pushed into me - much too close for comfort. He had a hoody on and I just knew something wasn't right - needless to say I ran. Don't walk on your own anywhere.
    • This is all very worrying, as many of us have to walk around to get home from work etc. The man in the park was interrupted by dog walkers before he got to do anything sinister. After the last attack in the park I attended Krav Maga self defence classes in Highgate.. which can help with awareness. The police men told me about the N22 increase in reports... lets keep us all posted as I feel local women should be aware.

    • Yes. It was horrible. He brushed past me and touched my bum - I walked another 5 paces to top of harcourt looked behind me and he had gone. I was so angry. I didn't see his face though as it was too dark. Be very careful. The police should patrol a couple of nights after dark.
    • How frightening. This is exactly the type of attack the police reported in the park at 9am yesterday morning. He touched her bum and she screamed and alerted a dog walker. Its very important to report this to the police... it may seem minor but they could be linked. Its important to stop this creep before he escalates. Be safe   

  • Lisa, is there any further news about this - has anyone been arrested?

    • Hi all, I was out for a walk this morning in the park and the police were looking for a man who had attempted sexual assault on a lady this morning at 9am.   

    • There were helicopters near Ally Pally very early on Saturday morning (around 5.30am) and I wondered if the two were somehow linked?

  • Has anyone heard an update on this - has the offender been arrested yet? I'm in two minds whether to go out in the evenings and returning home after 10pm. 

  • Thanks for alerting us Lisa, will keep vigilant.

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