St Saviour's Court

St Saviour's Court is on the site of the St Saviour's church which was taken down a year or so after we first came to the neighbourhood in 1994. The building of St Saviour's court took a couple of years and was completed some 20 years ago. The war memorial was moved from the side of the church to the front of the courtyard of the new development. The old vicarage remains, now a private house. St Saviour's was the parish church.

Another, smaller church was further down, on the opposite side of the Alexandra Park Road, road, just before the T junction with Albert Rd. It had a church hall which we used for community activities and meetings. That may have been a Unitarian church, but my memory often plays tricks on me, so please correct me if you know. There was much opposition to that development because the hall was a precious local amenity. The developer was required to allow continued access to the hall when planning permission was granted. So they let the hall fall into disrepair and ruin, then cleared the site and built what is now a private nursery. 

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    • Susie, this is a really wonderful picture! I bought a reproduction of the local OS map at last summer fete and this is a detail of the area (map edition1894-96) : it shows not many buildings and something called 'The mansions' B.M. 215-9 ( not sure what B.M stands for..)747835466?profile=RESIZE_930x 

    • B..M. is Bench Mark and is a surveyed height X feet above sea level. There would have been a line and up arrow incised in the wall which could be used for surveys.

    • I find this completely fascinating. I'd love to find some images of The Mansion on Alexandra Park Road. Interestingly, when I looked at the website of the Hornsey Historical Society earlier today, Alexandra Park isn't included as a local area.


    • I don't remember the church being this big, but it is probably because of the trees and the hoardings around it. But the plot was substantial. Don't know if there had been a bomb or fire damage.More likely, it became too big to maintain as the numbers of worshipers declined. St Andrews was smaller, on a smaller plot and could serve the dwindling parish just as well at a smaller cost. And the large plot could be sold off for a good sum of money. But that is just my guess. Some of the older residents may remember. 

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