Tetrapaks not recyclable in Haringey

Lack of communication between Veolia and Biffa's Materials Recycling Facility (MURF) - which actually reprocesses the contents of recycling bins at Enfield's Ecopark - has resulted in some serious misinformation. All those tetrapaks that Veolia says you can put in your green bin are not recycled at all - because they are lined with plastic (though Biffa say that other facilities do recycle them). This emerged when a group of local people were given a tour of the Biffa Murf facility, and took the trouble to check with Biffa whether the items listed in Veolia's recycling leaflet really are recycled!

Other questions they asked concerned:

  • what to do with plastic bottle tops - answer, take them off the bottles, but put both in the bin.
  • Veolia's leaflet shows newspapers tied with string - don't do this, because the string wraps itself round the machines.
  • loose plastic bags - can be recycled


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  • Thank you. Shame about tetrapacks, but very good to know about plastic bags, and to have the bottle top tip! 

  • Thanks very much for this. I've been taking plastic bottle tops off before recycling them so got that bit right but am pleased for the guidance on plastic bags.

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