See document The Abolition of Alexandra Ward – why it is proposed by the Local Government Boundary Commission, and ways of responding for more information, and for mini-ward maps of the various proposals. Here is a link to APN's alternative ward map in pdf format, which is based on Alexandra and Muswell Hill wards having only 2 councillors each (they would not be large enough to support having 3 councillors - see document above). The Lib Dem's will be available soon ...

We suggest submitting one of these alternative maps (or indeed, simply referring to the 'Alexandra Park Neighbours map' in your comments without even uploading the map - this seems to be acceptable, as I have been assured by the Commission), and giving your own reasons for rejecting the Commission's proposals, and favouring this one (further info and reasoning are in the document above). btw  the LGBC have to do something about reordering ward boundaries, so we cannot simply say that we do not want their proposal.

Deadline for feedback is 5 August.

  • Download the relevant map above (or just mention it in your comments). Alternatively, here it is in a Word document (the map is at the bottom of the first page - write above it and continue on the next page if required).
  • Go to the Commission website at: https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/15479 and click on 'Have your Say'.
  • Upload the map if desired  (you can draw your own - but note that it has to be based on carefully calculated electorates)
  • Write your comments in the box (or alternatively, include them in the uploaded document containing the map)
  • Submit

The LGBC have been known to change their recommendations following a consultation, and we have a strong case! So if lots of people make submissions ...

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  • Here is a suggestion of how we should take forward the ward boundary proposal which Annabel has worked out and presented to our public meeting.

    A very important point is that the Local Government Boundary Commission will not accept petitions, presumably because they are suspicious of orchestrated public responses, so you need to personalise your reponse.

    Our idea is that Annabel would submit the proposal document she has posted on this site saying:
    "This submission was prepared by Annabel Gregory in consultation with some members of Alexandra Park Neighbours Community Website, and presented to a public meeting called by Alexandra Park Neighbours. Several people at the meeting asked that the proposal should be submitted to the Commission so that they could refer to it in submissions of their own."

    If you wish to express support for it to the Commission, it seems much more likely to carry weight if you include some arguments in your own words. You might like to mention the following points:

    • The Boundary Commission proposes splitting Alexandra Ward through the middle with half going to Bounds Green and half to Muswell Hill North. But Alexandra Ward, as it is, has an obvious centre at Alexandra Park Road/Grosvenor Road/Albert Road junction where there are the local junior and senior schools, GP practice, two dentists, a vet, chemist, public library, parish church and a diverse range of shops, cafes and pub.
    • There are several active residents' organisations which have grown up serving the ward in this form.
    • Splitting the ward would leave all residents of this area on the edges of two different wards.
    • The main part of Bounds Green is not readily accessible from here by public transport, and is separated from us by wide railway tracks and depot. Attending councillor surgeries, ward police meetings etc. there would not be easy.
    • In particular, it is important to say that you support the idea of having some wards with 2 councillors only, where it can preserve local community identity and the work of local organisations dealing with local issues, built up over many years.
    • If you have any personal circumstances which would add strength to the argument - such as health or mobility issues - it might be good to put them in.
    • If you have had dealings with the Council or Councillors over local issues in the past, you could consider whether these would help your argument,

    You are also welcome to express support for Annabel's "Alexandra Park Neighbours" map which will be included in some other people's submissions, saying that the boundaries it proposes will give the right ratio of residents to councillors (i.e. 2 each in Alexandra, Muswell Hill, and Woodside; 3 each in Bounds Green and Fortis Green). You could also say that it should have no knock-on effects for other ward boundaries currently proposed by the Commission.

    The other proposal to retain a version of Alexandra Ward mentioned at our meeting by the Councillors is being worked on and should be available soon.

  • I've just been on the Local Goverment Boundary Commission website and noticed that they will publish final recommendations on 3rd September. That gives them a very short time to assess public comments, which close on 5th August.

    • LGBC's deadlines were all moved forward because of the European elections, so I think 3rd December is the right date. Though I see that their 'Have your say' website contradicts their main 'Haringey' website. Willl check ...

      A couple of other points - if anyone wants to check my calculations of size of electorates, please let me know! I used polling district figures.

      And - I could have mentioned the many services and shops around here that have 'Alexandra' in their name - including the local doctor, NHS dentist, Vet, mini-supermarket, one of the take-aways ...



    • The LGBC's announcement of their final recommendations have been postponed until mid-January because of the election purdah. Thanks to Councillor Nick da Costa for this information. He says that they have to be discussed in Parliament, which is perhaps why they are just referred to as 'recommendations'.


  • Annette spoke for a full 5mins to Vanessa Feltz on BBC London about the predicament of Alexandra Ward - she has given a link to the programme here. Really informative ...

    Alexandra Ward
    I spoke to Radio London this morning, you can hear the conversation from 1 hour 18min into the programme.   www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p07f4lbf
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