See document The Abolition of Alexandra Ward – why it is proposed by the Local Government Boundary Commission, and ways of responding for more information, and for mini-ward maps of the various proposals. Here is a link to APN's alternative ward map in pdf format, which is based on Alexandra and Muswell Hill wards having only 2 councillors each (they would not be large enough to support having 3 councillors - see document above). The Lib Dem's will be available soon ...

We suggest submitting one of these alternative maps (or indeed, simply referring to the 'Alexandra Park Neighbours map' in your comments without even uploading the map - this seems to be acceptable, as I have been assured by the Commission), and giving your own reasons for rejecting the Commission's proposals, and favouring this one (further info and reasoning are in the document above). btw  the LGBC have to do something about reordering ward boundaries, so we cannot simply say that we do not want their proposal.

Deadline for feedback is 5 August.

  • Download the relevant map above (or just mention it in your comments). Alternatively, here it is in a Word document (the map is at the bottom of the first page - write above it and continue on the next page if required).
  • Go to the Commission website at: https://consultation.lgbce.org.uk/node/15479 and click on 'Have your Say'.
  • Upload the map if desired  (you can draw your own - but note that it has to be based on carefully calculated electorates)
  • Write your comments in the box (or alternatively, include them in the uploaded document containing the map)
  • Submit

The LGBC have been known to change their recommendations following a consultation, and we have a strong case! So if lots of people make submissions ...

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  • Apparently there were 51 responses from Alexandra ward, or 20% of the total Haringey responses (258). Well done Alexandra ! 

    Fully 64% of responses were from Harringay ward (so only 16% from the rest of the borough), and it looks like the proposals for their ward are likely to be dropped:


    Fingers crossed for Alexandra!

    Submissions for the latest consultation can be seen here:


    Good Response to Local Boundary Commission Proposals - Initial Proposals Probably Killed Off
    I'm very pleased to be able to report a good response to the Local Boundary Commissions proposals to reorganise local ward boundaries in Harringay. …
    • 51 responses from Alexandra is excellent - if you find out anything else-please post. V encouraging that the nonsense plans for Harringay have been dropped. 

  • AP readers may be interested to learn the following relayed to me in an email from the responsible officer in the LGBC in reponse to a question I asked during an email exchange today.

    There are three principal areas which attracted large numbers of objections, the Harringay Ladder, Alexandra Park and the Rathcoole Gardens area (in that order of numbers). A few relate to other parts of the Borough.

    More about the Harringay issues here.

    Significant Changes Proposed for Harringay in Local Boundaries Review - HAVE YOUR SAY
    The Local Government Boundaries Commission (LGBC) has proposed significant changes to the ward boundaries for Harringay.  Currently parts of Harringa…
    • That's great, thanks very much, Hugh! Hope all these objections result in some positive rethinking by the Commission. The Review officer is actually very helpful, isn't he - even if the Commission itself seem to blindly follow the few major submissions sent in for the first consultation last February.

      You mentioned on HoL that you had heard from somebody on the Council that, as you suspected, they want to get rid of a marginal ward like Harringay - some of us on APN also thought that that was why they wanted to get rid of marginal Alexandra. So they would transfer half to an existing LibDem ward, and the other half to a Labour ward. It is so good, at present, to live in a ward where your vote really counts ...


    • Fingers crossed!

    • That is very interesting to hear. Thank you Hugh for passing that on.


  • A big thank you to Cllr Nick da Costa for his advice about this ward boundaries review - in particular, for suggesting that the Commission might be persuaded to consider having Alexandra as a 2-councillor ward ! Fingers crossed he's right ...

  • Phew got my comments in by the deadline!

  • Here are some estimated electorates for the wards in my proposed scheme (using polling district data), together with the percentage  difference from target figures for 2- and 3-councillor wards (6586 and 9880 electors respectively):


    No. of councillors

    Estimated figures


    Fortis Green




    Muswell Hill












    Bounds Green








    The total electorate for the wards in the west of the borough, with the three in the table added to the Commission's totals for the four other wards, is 62464, which is only 1% higher than the predicted figure of 62171.

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