• Ace story and pics, thank you! I live opposite Anderton Court and always wondered what was there before.


    • It would have been pretty to look at, but George;s shadow leaves a bit of a bad taste. 

  • What a fantastic story, Hugh! Thank you so much! Are you going to publish it somewhere?

    • I did - Harringay Online!

      No, I know what you mean. I've posted quite of few of what someone recently decribed as my historical 'deep dives'. I tend to go for buildings or topics about which little or nothing is known or where the existing history is, shall we say, misguided, usually due to scant research or reliance on past pieces (which were often based on scant research).

      A few things I've published on HoL have been picked up in surprising quarters. We now have links from the Smithsonian Museum and one of my articles on Woodberry Down was listed by the Library of Congress. 

      I ponder about a book of some of my stuff sometimes, but I wonder who woudl read it and about the fuss getting it ready. 

      Glad you liked the article abd thanks for the feedback. 

    • Various locals had been pondering the identity of 'The Mansion' marked on old maps - so now we know!

      I guess the land was part of the Tottenham Wood estate sell-off of chunks of land around this area in the 1860s and 70s ...

      Great that museums and libraries have been picking up on your pieces. It would be good to get them together in some form - I think there's always interest among locals...


    • AP is just outside my area of historical focus. I hadn't heard of the building till recently and when I did it piqued my interest. 

      I's assumed tat it was part of the Tottenham Wood Estate. But I hadn't followed it up and didn't mention it. Perhpas I should.

      Glad my piece cleared up a few questions - and perhpas crated a few more!

    • What an amazing image. I am quite surprised 'the Mansion' managed to escape demolition until 1960, and am staggered by the grandeur and scale of the building. I walk past the site it was built on most days.


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