The council is due to consult on the future of Muswell Hill Library. The options are:

  • Do nothing – continue with the library as it is, with poor access, no lift etc
  • Move the library to the ground floor of the Green Man building in the autumn. Under this option, the council would sell the library and the land behind it and use the proceeds for whatever capital projects the Cabinet sees fit but not the present library.

The council’s preferred option is to move the library. They say this would give 25% more floor space than the existing library and have the advantage of being on one floor which is cheaper and easier to staff and will make the provision of cabling for computer terminals etc much simpler. They appear to have ruled out any option to sell the land and use some of the proceeds to upgrade the existing library.  Local opinion will be important during a 12-week consultation process.

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  • UPDATE: Haringey Council has abandoned its plans to re-locate Muswell Hill Library.

    Muswell Hill Library campaigners celebrate victory after Haringey U-turn
    Campaigners are celebrating after Haringey Council U-turned on proposals to relocate a Grade II-listed library.
  • Further update from the Muswell Hill & Fortis Green Association:

    Still no news on the outcome of Haringey's consultation regarding the relocation of the Muswell Hill Library. The consultation closed on 25 August and the Friends of the Library report that not only there has been no communication around the timeline for the publication of the results, but the Library appears now not to have either a manager or an acting manager. The Friends are finding it difficult to organise events (which are always free to the public) because there is no-one to co-ordinate with. 

  • Update from the Muswell Hill & Fortis Green Association:

    Thursday 25 August is the deadline for completing Haringey's survey on the Council's proposal to close and move the Muswell Hill Library. The Council offers two options for the future of the library:

    1. To remain where it is with no physical alterations so the problems of access remain; or
    2. To move to the new development at the top of Muswell Hill with expected level access, more space and modern facilities.

    However, the Association believes Haringey has not fully explored the option for the library to remain at its present site and finance essential works through the sale or leasing of the land to the rear of the current building.

    If you agree with the Association, click HERE to fill in the questionnaire and respond ‘Strongly Agree' to Option 1 (stay in the current building) and ‘Strongly Disagree’ to Option 2 (sell off the library and move to another site). Where the questionnaire asks "Please explain your answer" insert the following: "I do not believe that Haringey has seriously considered the option of the library remaining at the present site and carrying out some essential capital works to the current building to be financed from the proceeds of selling or leasing the land to the rear."
    The Friends of Muswell Hill Library are running a campaign Save Muswell Hill Library, supporting the option of low-cost access improvements to the existing building rather than moving the services to a space considered oppressive, with low ceilings, under a block of flats, with no disabled parking or possibility to set down passengers with limited mobility - despite being located on one of the steepest hills in London. For more information and to support the petition, click HERE.

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