Anyone else think this is going to create significant problems for those of us who live on the non-ticket office side of the bridge (who will presumably have to walk all the way around), particularly at peak times?

More importantly for me, it means no more train watching from the platform for my, or many of the other local train-mad kids :(

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  • Hello Karen,

    With the Friends of Ally Pally Station, I've been in close contact with the very lovely train staff about this. Martin's the new area manager, Dexter's your duty manager in the mornings, Reshma's there smiling and talking to people all day long, and many more lovely staff are there. It's now staffed 24/7.

    There doesn't appear to have been a major issue with congestion. The bridge divide is opened for big events at the Palace, but otherwise things seem to be working fine. Amazingly well actually, considering that a century ago there was less footfall and buildings on both sides.

    With the Friends our aim is to make the experience of using the station a pleasure, not a chore, hence the extensive community garden (do join!). We have made the best of a minor inconvenience (barrier introduction) by persuading the train company to give us money to whitewash the bridge so that we can invite families to paint nice stencils on it, and ultimately add attractive posters and clear wayfinding signs from the Palace.

    I live on the Palace side, and realise that it's an extra minute walk (which does occasionally catch me out if cutting it fine for a particular train! More time to enjoy the flowers though), but do greatly appreciate the many silver linings. Not least getting to see the lovely staff, use the cafes (decent sarnie from Park View) and savour the lovely flowers and birds local families have added to the bridge.

    If you'd like to add your own stencil, we'll be having another painting party later in the summer.

    Best wishes,

  • What is the latest on the ticket barriers at Ally Pally station?  I'm very fed up with it.  A much longer walk and often miss trains.  I see no recent posts.  What can we best do now to put pressure on here?  Thanks.  

    • Yes, I'm still v cross about this and find myself using the tube more than the overground now.

  • Very quick reply from Duncan, pasted below. I'm very much in favour of tackling fare evasion, but not at the inconvenience of the vast majority of fare-paying passengers. Clearly one set of barriers in the station office is not the only possible option, although I suspect it is the cheapest.

    • Thanks very much for this, Grant. I fear congestion at peak times will be a serious problem - not just at the gates, but with passengers going in both directions along the narrow part of the bridge connecting the platforms.

    • I agree - what a disappointing response. Very large numbers of passengers come from the Palace side and will be infuriated by this.

  • I just emailed the contact given on the notice with the following message. I'll let you know when I get a reply. Hopefully he will engage with us directly on here.


    Good morning Duncan

    Regarding the above, can you please clarify:
    a) Whether ticket barriers will be added to the Western (Bedford Road) side of the footbridge, or are passengers approaching the station from the Palace Gates area expected to walk all the way across the footbridge and enter the station via the Buckingham Road entrance?
    b) Whether the use of these barriers will mean only fare-paying passengers can enter the platform area, thus preventing train enthusiasts (such as my 5 year old son) from observing locomotives from the platform area?
    c) What calculation you have made of the impact to passengers at congested times, such as rush hour(s) and when events are being held at Alexandra Palace? The footbridge and the area outside the station on Buckingham Road already becomes congested at these times. 
    d) With reference to questions a & b above, if you have calculated the impact of a) on the convenience of Palace Gates-based customers and b) on the goodwill of local people.
    I would like to post your response on a local neighbourhood forum. Please let me know if you would prefer me not to do this. You may wish to respond directly at:
    Best regards
    • Thanks Grant - greatly appreciated.

  • We need to get to the bottom of this, and I hope that one of our Alexandra ward councillors will provide some more information here. Speaking as someone who also lives on the palace side of the station, I will be furious if I have to walk right round to the other side of just to get in.  

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