Afternoon all. Disappointed to see this morning that someone has apparently vandalised one of the street tree pits on Crescent Road that my 4yr old son and I plant and maintain. Looks like someone has dug some plants out and left it a real mess. I'm hoping my son won't be too upset when he sees it. We weeded this particular one at the weekend and I put some new plants in it yesterday. Generally I expect a bit of attrition to any street gardening - people deliberately or accidentally treading on the plants, picking the flowers, deliberately littering, etc. But this is a whole different level.

This won't stop us because the compliments and thanks we receive from neighbours more than outweighs the actions of the occasional antisocial person. If anyone spotted anything do let me know!

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  • Delighted to hear it. Well done. And, good luck.

  • Grant, this may be the same pit in which someone was poisoning the trees that the Council (first) then we residents (after the Council gave up) planted . We last planted a small and very hardy shrub as a compromise - alas. We knew it was someone living in Crescent Rd who was disaffected/incensed by the traffic calming scheme and the narrowing of the street (resulting in loss of parking spaces) to allow for the tree pits. 

    There isn't anything you can do I am afraid. We have a neighbour who deliberately (and secretly - at night) would dig up any flowers planted in the raised bed at the back of the Triangle. Which is why you now don't see any.  The first year, I naively attempted to fight back by replanting in the holes immediately each time - until it became a costly daily routine and the nightly vandalism grew more destructive. Whatever you decide, do not try to find out who is doing it. Trust me, you don't want to know. Sorry this may sound discouraging. Maybe a tub might offend your vandal less. I have a large cheap and cheerful one you can have. Just knock on the door. 

    • Hi Indiana. Sounds like the same pit. I was told by the council that they removed the tree because they were concerned that when it matured it would obscure the street lamp! (Which begs the question - why build a street tree pit directly under a street lamp??)

      The pit itself was indeed heavily polluted when I first had a dig in it, with what smelt like paint thinners. I removed the poisoned soil and replaced with garden compost. I assumed it was the work of an ignorant painter and decorator rather than a deliberate move to poison the plants. In any case the plants seem to have recovered well from fox attack and are currently again garnering compliments from neighbours!

  • So, the same thing happened last night: bulbs and plants dug up and strewn all over the pavement. I had more time to study the evidence this morning and think I can say, without a shadow of a doubt, who is responsible... Rather embarassingly, after blaming people, it was clearly the work of a fox! I've no idea what a fox thinks it will find in a street tree pit, bit the mess and damage it is causing is quite amazing. Hopefully after two attempts it's had enough of a nose around and will now leave it alone! Any fox deterrent tips gratefully received.

    Big thanks to the neighbour who cleared up and swept yesterday - didn't have time to do it myself on my way to work.

    • Ah - foxes! For some reason that didn't cross my mind when I read your original post. I'm pleased the mystery is solved but do hope the fox in question moves on - preferably to a different borough..

  • How dreadful, Grant. Has the tree been vandalised as well?

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