wood Green Market

Good News about the market in Wood Green.  The proposal to put the stalls on the fifth floor has been shelved.  Their tenancies have been renewed until January and if the market is moved it will go somewhere else in the shopping centre.

Panic over for the time being.

Cathy Daniels

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  • That's great news, thanks!  I was just about to post something about the Market Hall being scheduled to be closed for several months, and the stalls then moved elsewhere - having been told this by the owner of the Cloth Shop only last week.  So that's fantastic  that it's not going to happen, at least for the moment - I wonder what changed their minds.

  • Glad to hear the tenancies have been renewed, albeit for a short period of time. I'm not up to speed on this at all even though I go to Wood Green to shop quite often. I didn't even know there was a fifth floor. If you find anything else out, please can you share. I am a huge fan of the haberdashery shop in the existing Market Place on the ground floor but heard they were going to set up a much smaller shop in the building that has been painted blue on Station Road, near the Green Rooms.

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