Dear all

We have a small and important number of  hedgehogs in our local area N22 and N11.

We need to preserve them as we are one of the last strongholds in north london just about clinging on.

However we need to be aware to encourage and preserve them.

Sadly I know of 4 hedgehogs killed by rat poison, slug pellets, strimmers and savaged by another animal possibly a dog.

Hedgehogs will be coming out of hibernation end of March into April.

Please be very careful in your gardens and on your allotments with pesticides, strimmers, bonfires ( they often hibernate in bunches of leaves under hedgerows and under logs)  So always check wild areas in your gardens and on your allotments.

The hedgehog is thought to be one of the oldest mammals on earth, with estimates dating the hedgehog to around 15 million years ago. It is believed that the hedgehog has changed very little over that period of time.

They have declined in the UK from about 30 million in the 1950s to one and a half million now.

It it World Wildlife Day day today 3 March 2019, please consider our prickly friends.

I am giving a talk on hedgehogs facts figures, habitiat and  preservation measures at

Alexandra Park Library on Friday 12 April 5-6 pm.

This talk will be repeated on Tuesday 30 April 5-6 pm Alexandra Park Rd library

please come along to learn more.


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  • I'll be at work this afternoon and am very sorry to miss this. I last saw a hedgehog in my garden in 2014. But nothing since then (though I have gaps in my fences and plenty of wild areas).

  • Thank you Jessica for the advice about keeping hedghogs safe as they come out of hibernation.

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