What can I do on this community website?

You can check out what's being discussed by Alexandra Park Neighbours, what events are planned, what local groups are up to,  recommendations of tradespeople and professionals by members of the site, or details of local businesses on the Hidden High Street page. You can use the search button at top right to search the site (ignore the Google ads at the beginning of the search results!).

To post an item on the site you will need to  Sign Up (or sign in), then follow the instructions at the bottom of this page.

If you are a member of the site you can:

- post an item on the Forum to ask questions, raise issues, pass on info, give feedback,  ask for recommendations of tradespeople or professionals, offer/request items for sale or free or for sharing ...

- post an event on the Events page

- join or create a Local Group, or organise/discuss its activities; also find out about other community organisations in the area

- write something you would like to say at greater length for the Blog. This will be descriptive rather than an item for discussion (use the Forum for that), although people can add comments.

- add your local business to the Hidden High Street page, and find out about others

- post photos or videos on the Gallery

- send a message to another member of the site (click on the little envelope at the top of the page, then on the plus sign)

How to post an item (including groups) on the website:

  1. click on the relevant section of the website - e.g. 'Forum' - on the menubar (or in the list above) 
  2. click on the plus sign at the upper right of the page below the menu bar (if you cannot see it, you are not signed in)
  3. a box will be displayed - enter a title and the details
  4. if necessary, choose a category (e.g. 'pets')
  5. click on the large black button at the bottom of the page

- and that's it! 

To edit (or delete) your post, click on its title, then on the little pencil that will have appeared at top right

For more info. on specific tasks such as adding images, see the How-To guides on the Forum