Quick Guide to using the Alexandra Park Neighbours website

To post anything on the website, you need to be a member of the site – click on the Sign Up button at the top of page.

Then to add a new post on any part of the website, click on the chunky Plus sign at top right of any page (this is only visible when you are signed in to the website). A box will be displayed – enter your text (if you want to insert an image, click on the image icon at top left of the box, and browse for the image file on your computer). Finish by clicking on the large black button at the bottom of the page (or on Cancel to cancel the post).

To edit or delete a post that you have created, click on its header to display the post, then on the little pencil that will have appeared at top right.  Make your changes, and then click on the black button as before – or, to delete the post entirely, click on the red dustbin at bottom right of the box.

Points peculiar to particular pages:

To add an Event to the Events page, click on Events on the menubar, then create your post as above. You will be prompted for date, time and location of the event. You can add an image and a description (and skip 'inviting' guests if you wish). One of the site moderators will later add the basic details of your event to the relevant Events calendar, with a link to your post.

To post something on the Forum – including Tradespeople Recommendations and Items offered/wanted for sale/free – click on Forum on the menubar to go to the Forum page, then create your post as above, in addition selecting a Forum category from the dropdown box near the bottom.   There are many of these (see list in the leftmost column of the Forum page)!

To add something which you would like to say at greater length, post it on the Blog – click on Blog on the menubar, and then create your post as above.

To add a picture to the Gallery, click on Gallery on the menubar, then on the chunky plus sign. You will be asked to browse for the image file on your computer, and when it has uploaded, you can, if you wish, enter some text in the displayed box. Then choose Photos from the dropdown list near the bottom, and finish by clicking on the large black button at the bottom (or Cancel if you don't want to post it after all!).

To send a personal Message to another member of the website, click on the little envelope at the top of the Home page, and then on the plus sign. When you have typed your message in the displayed box, click on the black button at the bottom to send it. If you receive a message, a little red number (for number of messages) will be displayed on the envelope icon.

There is a Google search box at top right of the Home page, which will search the APN website. Google ads will unfortunately be displayed in the results which have nothing whatsoever to do with our website, but below these will be the results of your search.

For other info. on using the website – such as more details on inserting images into posts – have a look at the How-to Guides category on the Forum.