Dear All,

Crescent Mews development has now been submitted to the Council and has now been published on the planning portal:

Here: Planning App

There seem to be no/little changes from the public meeting and you have until 5th June to make comments. This planning application should be discussed at a planning committee (and if not, I will ask that it is called in for further scrutiny).

Please let me know if you have any questions and I would encourage as many as possible to have a look and let Hal know your thoughts. 


Best wishes


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  • Thanks.

    I get the impression this development company will keep on submitting applications until they get their way.

    I live directly in front of where this development will take place. The waste water services can barely cope as it is. Most days you can smell the sewers. I can't imagine adding all these extra residential units will be kind to an already strained system. 

    There is such a lack of space to achieve what they want to without completey ruining the immediate area (waste, pollution, dust etc). I can't imagine how noisy the development will be. Plenty of folks with chronic illnesses will probably be affected.

    It does not seem at all safe from a traffic point of view, and traffic issues continue to get worse and worse on Crescent/PGR (I now have to close all my windows during rush "hour" and for a while after at the fumes are just so horribly pungent and unhealthy). 

    I wish this develompent firm would agree to meet local residents and business owners before submitting any future plans. The area is in need of some development. It looks very tatty indeed. 

    It is really important to stress that the current properties including mine move significantly when heavier/freight trains use the line nearby. How can we be assured that the added stress of the build, and future additional  residents, assuming all the units are filled, create further subsidence problems.   


  • Thanks for posting, Nick. I've had a look at the supporting information on the planning portal and there's so much, yet I still didn't get a sense of what the overall plan will look like. I'll have another go at seeing if I can pick that piece of info out.

    • Hi Susie,

      Completely agree - the formatting of the planning application portal is not very helpful! I need to have a proper sit down and work through it. 

      Best wishes


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