Robin Hosking replied to Robin Hosking's forum post Christmas Day morning
"Ah. Good point. "
Dec 25, 2020
Robin Hosking posted a
Hi all,Just wondered if anyone else spending Christmas by themselves would like to meet on the triangle on Christmas Day morning for say an hour (dressed warmly)? Bring a drink or two with you and snacks if you wish. Say at 10:30? Please wear a…
Dec 23, 2020
Robin Hosking replied to Emily Brown's forum post Bounds Green Food Bank
"Please drop any items for the food bank to me. 
I'm at 22B Palace Gates Road, N22 7BN 
Nov 21, 2020
Robin Hosking replied to Admin's forum post David Chu of Crescent Hardware
"Godspeed David. We will chat about Liverpool once you're better. I am pleased the shop will be opening again. "
May 27, 2020
Robin Hosking replied to Cllr Nick da Costa's forum post Crescent Mews Development
I get the impression this development company will keep on submitting applications until they get their way.
I live directly in front of where this development will take place. The waste water services can barely cope as it is. Most days you…"
May 14, 2019