• 5472452661?profile=RESIZE_584xPictures and get well messages at Dave's shop, which will open later today.
  • Godspeed David. We will chat about Liverpool once you're better. 
    I am pleased the shop will be opening again. 

  • That is such good, good news - may he continue to improve.Thank you Terry. 

  • I can give you an update on David. He is still in ICU but he is making progress. He is off the critical list, still very poorly but stable. Anyone wishing to send get well cards please put them through the shop door and I will see that they get to the family.

    Regards to all Terry, long time friend and occasional co-worker

    • David's condition continues in the positive direction. He is free of COVID-19, but unfortunately has other complication arising from that. His family are really appreciative of the cards and well wishes for him and themselves. They are video calling him, but he finds it very tiring, so it is small steps to recovery, but a giant leap from where he was a couple of weeks ago. So very positive that David is a fighter and will get through this. Some people seem to have this virus with very mild symptoms, unfortunately David didn't along with a lot of others. So please take precautions to protect yourself and seriously think about what you are doing. Stay safe all.

      There will be further news on the shop in the next week

    • Further news on David is very encouraging. He has now been moved out of ICU into a four person ward, here he will start his rehab. He is able to talk OK, still not allowed visitors, even family.

      Many of you may have seen the notice on the shop window, but I will state it here as well, the shop will be opening for business on Saturday 30th May we will be observing safe distancing rules so please be patient. Although David has always stayed away from debit/credit/card machines, we hope to have one by the weekend, for sales over £3.00. Judy, David's wife will be running the shop with help from myself and friends. We will help with questions as much as we can, but none of us are as knowledgeable as David.

    • Wonderful news, Terry, thank you!


    • Very heartwarming to hear this update. Thanks Terry!


    • Thanks for the update Terry, good to hear that Dave is making progress. As one of "The Vulnerable" I must agree with you on taking precautions still. - Steve.

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