Chinese Yellowwood in Albert Close

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  • Oh, an informed survey of the trees in the area!  Haven't heard of this one before. The lovely tree opposite our front windows has just lost its leaves, so the street is starting to look very bare.

    • Looks a Lime Tree opposite your place....

      Not sure why we have that quite rare tree... it flowered for first time year (it didn't this year)

      Cladrastis sinensis (Chinese Yellowwood)

      A very rarely offered or seen Chinese tree of small to medium size for a sunny position. Attractive pinnate leaves open late, and the tree is smothered in large panicles of pink-tinged white pea flowers in July, but not usually on very young specimens. Bark is smooth and grey, and the autumn colour is an exceptional, glowing, clear golden yellow.

    • Sounds lovely!  The tree outside our house that I meant is not the Lime tree, but another tree on the other side of the road - lovely autumn colours - haven't noted what sort it is!


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