A group intended primarily for those who have had swift boxes installed, to share such matters as information on the arrival of the swifts and any interest shown in the nestboxes.

Others who would like to exchange info about swifts are welcome to take part too!

The nextboxes have been installed by Islington Swifts - if you would like one too, contact them before May on


Banner photo courtesy of Islington Swifts.

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  • It's so funny that they are so precise with times and dates!
  • I've seen regular groups of them, flying quite high over Outram Road and nearby streets. They fly near my house every evening at around 8.30pm so I try to ensure I switch my swift calls on then.
  • There are obviously quite a lot of swifts around even if they don't appear much. The other day I saw a great crowd of them circling above the junction of Rosebery and Alex Park Road, very high up (but still loud enough to hear, which is what made me notice them). Recently I've seen one or two up and down the street near us each day, but very briefly.
  • The swifts returned to the neighbourhood when they were expected, around 7th May. We have installed a makeshift arrangement near our swiftbox to broadcast swift calls, to attract the teenagers who, we are told, will soon be prospecting for a des. res. in the area in advance of next year's house-hunting. We haven't actually seen very many swifts, though - have other people?
  • Several nestboxes were installed in this neighbourhood on 22nd February 2020.
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