• Nov 29, 2021 from 12:15pm to 1:15pm
  • Location: Bruce Castle Museum
  • Latest Activity: Nov 21, 2021

One hundred years ago, on 5 December 1921, the Football Association (FA) moved to ban members from allowing women’s football to be played at their grounds. Overnight, this was the end for women playing association football. The FA claimed the game was 'quite unsuitable for females and ought not to be encouraged'.

Hear from Bruce Castle Museum's special guest speaker Joanna Yeung of Tottenham Hotspur Foundation as she charts the history of women's football, both before and after 1921. She will share with us the highs and lows for the women who dared to play – and were considered unladylike! You can find out about those early pioneers like Nettie J Honeyball who, after founding the British Ladies' Football Club in 1895, played with her team locally in Crouch End near Nightingale Lane – a momentous occasion watched by a crowd of 10,000 at the time. Said to be the first official women's football match, her team are now celebrated with a historical plaque nearby on Campsbourne School. Find out about this and other stories about women playing football – the sport that was believed by some to be 'quite unfit for females'.

Please note that this is planned to be a hybrid event – i.e. both an on-site and a virtual event. Both types of attendance must be booked.

Numbers will be limited to 25 for those attending on site only (due to space and social distancing).
To book a place and hear the talk on site at the Museum, please email to confirm your attendance to museum.services@haringey.gov.uk.  (Please note for those attending this event on-site, face masks/coverings are encouraged to be worn in the Museum. If you are feeling unwell on the day of the event, please do not travel or attend the onsite talk. Thank you.)

To secure your place for the talk online, please book here via Eventbrite. (The Zoom link will be sent to your email nearer the time.) https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/how-unladylike-women-and-football-in-the-19th-and-20th-centuries-tickets-2121128341979829464271?profile=RESIZE_710x

If you have any general difficulties with booking, please contact the Museum on 020 8489 4250 (option 1) or email museum.services@haringey.gov.uk

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Introductory martial arts course on Mondays and Thursdays starting 8 January at Alexandra Park School, 1pm. 6 week course.

* * * Writing Courses with Collage Writing Room * * *

 Finding the Poem Set 3 – Monday evenings for 5 weeks starting 10 Jan on zoom, 6.30-9pm. Collage Writing Room course.

NEW!! Flash Fiction Workout  – write short, short stories! Wednesday mornings for 6 weeks starting 26 Jan on zoom, 10.30-1pm. Collage Writing Room course. 

Life Writing and Memoir – Wednesday evenings starting 5 Jan for 6 weeks on zoom, 6.30-9pm. Collage Writing Room course.

Prioritise your Writing and finish your work-in-progress – Wednesday mornings starting 5 Jan for 6 weeks on zoom, 10.30-1pm. Collage Writing Room course. 

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Life Writing and Memoir – Tuesday mornings for 6 weeks starting 22 Feb for 6 weeks on zoom, 10.30-1pm. Collage Writing Room course.

Creative Writing Foundation Part 2 (develop yourself as a writer) - Tuesday mornings for 6 weeks starting 22 Feb for 6 weeks on zoom, 10.30-1pm.

Make time to Write! Prioritise your Writing - Wednesday mornings for 6 weeks starting 23 Feb for 6 weeks on zoom, 10.30-1pm.

Novella Fever (shorter fiction workshop) - Wednesday evenings starting 23 Feb for 6 weeks on zoom, 6.30-9pm.

Ongoing courses

V&J Ensemble: Vocal group for ALL Singers on Wednesdays at St. Andrew's Church, Alexandra Park Road N10 (corner of Windermere Road), 6.50-8.30pm.

Collage Kids: Rhythm and Song Sessions - Tuesdays at Karamel*, 10-11.15am. Free.

Movers and Shakers - Thursdays at Karamel*, 11.30-12pm. Music and movement for babies and toddlers.

Salsa with Sureka – live course on Wednesday evenings at Bounds Green School, Bounds Green Road N11 2QG, 7-8pm. 


Weaving Tales of Resilience at Bruce Castle Museum from 22 September to 26 February 2022. How diverse communities in Tottenham pulled together the community threads of resilience; created from textiles and film media.stories from 2020, supporting one another whilst facing the challenges of COVID-19, and standing side by side in response to Black Lives Matter.

Sisters, Sirens and Saints, imagining the women of Beatrice Offor – at Bruce Castle Museum from Sept 22 to May 28 2022. Special exhibition that explores the portraits of one of the first women students who were trained at the Slade, going on to become one of the few successful commercial Edwardian female artists.


*Karamel Restaurant is in Coburg Road, Wood Green.



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