Goldcrest: we have recently had one or two in the camellia bush outside our window. There is something invisible they like to eat on the undersides of the leaves - possibly insects' eggs.

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  • I love Goldcrests and would so love to see one in my garden. What could I do to make my garden attractive to them, do you know?

    • I don't know much about them - just what you see in the books. They were pecking at the undersides of the camellia leaves, and I suppose the thing is to have the right pests infesting your garden. The only thing I could see under the leaves (with a strong magnifier) were fluffy threads containing little black spots, so presumably something left by an insect. It seems goldcrests sometimes forage with other birds, and the camellia is quite popular with bluetits and a local wren - perhaps they got the idea fro them. They like conifers, and there are some small ones in neighbouring gardens, which may attract them. I imagine their local centre is in the Grove, in those pines - I have seen one in the street trees in Duke's Avenue.

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